Double Engine Warranties for as little as...





       $35.95 Retail                    $65.95 Retail              $62.95 Retail

           for engines up to                             for engines up to                      for engines up to

             7hp (190 cc)                                           31 hp                                        31hp


Opti-4 Premium Lubricants utilize an exclusive, patented Eutectic wear stabilizing additive (see technology tab) that reduces heat, friction & wear plus increases engine performance and life.

Opti-4 Premium Lubricants always maintain the highest API spec. and have been protecting Lawn & Garden equipment engines for over 30 years.

In fact Opti-4 has been so effective at protecting engines, by using Opti-4 exclusively in your new power equipment engine, Interlube International will Double the manufacturers engine warranty timeframe on the internal parts of your engine.

Opti products are sold exclusively through your local independent neighborhood Lawn & Garden equipment dealers and are not available at the mass merchants.  Use the dealer locator on the left or call 800-332-5851 to find a retailer near you.


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