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Terms and Conditions

Interlube International Inc. will extend your warranty period on internal engine parts to twice that offered by the Engine Manufacturer.

To Qualify: at the time of equipment purchase also purchase one of the following:

Important: Opti-4 must be purchased at the same time as the new equipment/engine from the same dealership.


  1. Make sure your new unit has been initially filled with Opti-4 Four Cycle Lubricant and the above engine sticker is attached.
  2. Register your engine for Double Warranty coverage at
  3. Use Opti-4 Four Cycle Lubricant exclusively during the entire Warranty period. Proof of purchase of oil used during warranty period will be required prior to warranty authorization.

This is only an extension of the manufacturer's warranty period and does not cover any items or working conditions that are not covered under the original warranty.

Proper lubrication is critical to the performance and life of your New 4 Cycle Equipment. By exclusively using Opti-4 Four Cycle Lubricant, you will qualify for double warranty on internal engine parts. The Engine Manufacturer will be responsible for the initial warranty period and Interlube will take responsibility for the extended warranty period.

To avoid cancellation of extended warranty, proper maintenance as outlined in your owner's manual must be performed specifically, air filters must be kept clean, oil must be changed periodically, and oil levels must be monitored to and kept above the add level.

IMPORTANTUpon purchase of your new unit, please register it for double warranty coverage at within 60 days. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of your extended warranty.

Equipment owner is responsible for:

In the event of engine failure, bring equipment to place of purchase for diagnosis.

Equipment and oil must be purchased at the same time from the same dealership. Proof of purchase will be required for warranty authorization.

Commercial warranties extended to a maximum total of 4 years.


Opti-4 Double Engine Warranty Registration

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