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I been selling Opti Oil for almost 30 yrs now. I have never seen a oil failure from using Opti Oil . Our Shop Generators have been using since they was new and some of them are over 20yrs old. We use them in all the Home Standby Generators that we service, I use all there products in all my Equipment and all the Equipment that we repair and sell new. You won't go wrong by using Opti Oil. Our Sales Rep was call Opti Al '' may he R.I.P ''
We had a customer’s chainsaw here that we were troubleshooting. During the process we installed our shop fuel (premium with Opti-Mizer Fuel Treatment). He ended up buying a new saw and left the old one. We were going to repair and resell it but as usual, got busy and it got put aside. Five years later we pulled this thing out and thought "its a goner now". Out of curiosity we drained the fuel from the tank, threw in some fresh stuff and the saw fired right up! We couldn't believe it.
At my first isdt race in Germany 1962 I got sponsored by then called optimal oil, where they mixed already 50 to 1 when everyone was mixing 20 to 1. We were called crazy and would not make it one single day. I finished all 6 days and won a gold medal. In the 70's Opti came to Canada and the USA with improved oil mixing 100 to 1. I have never used anything else and never had a problem. Thank you Opti......,
I've gone through 4 gas weed trimmers and finally bought a Stihl FS55R.

I always bought the cheapest 2 cycle oil I could find. And in just a short time I had to replace the plug and carburetor. I thought buying a Stihl my troubles would end. I always had trouble starting it. I bought Opti2 from my local garden center and it was cheaper than all the other stuff I've been buying on my good deals I thought.

My trimmer has never run better!

Starts on the 2nd pull no stutters no smoke! This stuff is no joke!

Moral of the story went through all these trimmers because of my cheap fuels I used. Never again! Opti2 is all I use now.

I will no longer use anything else but this product!

Plus they are right up the street from my house in Blaine Washington.

I want to support my local supplier too!

This 2 cycle is the best stuff I've ever used!

Believe me I learned my lesson the hard way? Expensive way being cheap on my 2 cycle oil? What did that cost me? Hundreds & hundreds $$$

Opti2 is for you!!! Use it you won't be disappointed!!
I've been using Opti 2 two stroke oil for many years but
I had an issue however Paul addressed it straight away
I couldn't be more pleased with the customer service!
So I decided to write a review.
About the product Opti 2; My Redmax dealer turned me on to Interlube products what sold me, was a test you can do @ home clean the exhaust on your machine prior to running Opti 2 now run Opti 2 & run the tank out and check the exhaust you'll find you'll have little to no oil residue on the exhaust port, To me that's a testament how clean it burns! Try out a bottle you'll never put anything else in your equipment If you care about the planet and your equipment....
I ride vintage 2 stroke motorcycles so I know a thing or two about oils!
Love this oil. I race motorized bikes and I run this oil only. These little motors rev high and get hot. I have not blown or destroyed any of my motors since I've switched to this oil. I use to have to break in my motor with a non-synthetic at 40:1 the switch to a full synthetic. But now I can run my motors from day one with just this oil. It’s Awesome. Thanks again for wonderful product.
We use on average 1400 gallons per year of mixed 2-cycle fuel. We've used exclusively Opti 2-cycle oil for the last 2 years. I can't say enough of how much this has helped our mid-size lawn maintenance operation! Previous to using Opti we would have 5+ 2-cycle pieces of equipment in the repair shop per month. Now after Opti we have yet to need any equipment repaired. Several times per year we have had employees accidentally run straight gas in our 2-cycle equipment and even with that big mistake we haven't had any equipment seize up! We always mix our fuel at 100:1 and with non-ethanol fuel. I'm a firm believer in your products and will continue to use them until I retire!
Well, here's my 2 cents on the 2 stroke oil. Bought new in 95 a KDX-200 Motor cycle, did break-in with manufacture oil - 1 tank at 32:1. Foul plugs every 15-17 miles. Stop by StarShip Engineering and talk to Tommy, the owner, about my plug fouling problem. He told me to try this Opti oil at 100:1 and I said man you are CRAZY. Call the company and they said If My Bike Seized They would replace the motor. And after 23 years of 5-10 Hair Scramble Racers a year, a dozen of GNCC races and Thousands of Hard Trail Miles and Hours on This Bike and Still on the original Piston & Rings. All of my buddies do a top end every 1-2 years on their so call Brand XXXX oil, and they always ask what OIL do I use...OPTI-2 I say. They shrug their heads in disbelief and say I am going to Blow My Bike up using that Stuff. If I ever Wear this thing out my next 2-stroke will use this Oil too. I like riding and not wrenching. I also use it in the old weed wacker, chainsaw, and boat motor and no problems at all. ONE OIL for all works Excellent. MY Review is done. Thanks
Greetings 2-stroke fans. This will be my second testimony to the prior of 4 years ago. 4 years in the running has really put this product to the test for me. I purchased a new saw since my last review and used opti from the get-go. It has been 4 years using this saw in full time forestry along with splitting fire wood (yes splitting) about 5 cord per year and the saw still runs as the day it was purchased. But that is not my big awesome. Another saw I have that I had been using with the Opti for about a year went down on me right in the middle of a big job. It made a lot of noise when trying to restart so i set it aside for some time and ordered the rebuild parts based on experience. During disassembly I had found that the cylinder had loosened up in turn creating a massive lean condition. First thoughts where SAW IS FRIED. Much to my amazement only the crank and bearings had failed. The cylinder and piston were perfect, the 2 things that should have went first. If using standard oil that saw would have been junk. That's my big awesome. Interlube corp, thank you again for a great product that may just do more than intended. No reason for me to ever try anything else unless it is new and improved from Interlube. Happy 2-stroking every one.
Been using Opti 2, 2 stroke oil for over 15 years. Own a large landscaping company and buy it in the 5 gallon bucket. From the day i purchase the equipment to the day i retire it, I've never had an engine failure ever. This is the best oil money can buy and i'll never use anything else.
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