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When I was a teenager living at home my dad owned a Pioneer farm saw. After 16 years of 4 cords of wood and year Using the then called optimal the saw stopped dead. After my dad took the saw apart he cleaned the outside of said parts and left them on the work bench. When I came home I looked at the cylinder which was like a mirror tube, brand new.Piston,rings all like new.I asked him later at supper did he already have the new parts on the bench.He told me that those were the old parts and that the saw stopped on account of a nut that came loose from the exaust (his fault).
I was so impressed with the lack of wear that now with my own saw Eco 5000 I have 23 hard years on it and the compression is still 150 p.s.i. what more can I say?

First snow of the season. Hadn't started the old Toro 10 months. Filled the tank with An Opti2 mixture I made more than. 18 months ago. Fired up on 2 pulls, smooth and free of stutters. This is the best stuff. If you are on the fence, just try one gallon. You'll be convinced.
Been selling and using OPTI products for 20 years. Great success with all your products. I sell gallon jugs of OPTI-2 to the loggers and brushing crews. They won't use anything else.
je possede une scie husqvarna 372xp et 2 Echo cs 500p au début avec opti2 j avais vraiment peur de bruler mes 2 scies mais apres 1mois d utilisation intensif a 32 degré de chaleur.
Surprise,mes 3 scie vont de mieux en mieux et je suis tres en confiance avec opti2 et je le recommande a tous

(I own a Husqvarna saw 372xp and 2 Echo cs500p. At the beginning with Opti-2 I was really scared of burning my saws, but after 1 month of intensive use at 90 degrees heat...surprise, my 3 saws are getting better and better and I am very confident with Opti-2 and I recommend it to all.)
i have been using the Opti 2 product for over 2 years and i can say my repairs have gone away i use the product in all my lawn equipment, they run so smooth and start easy even after 4 months of not being used are drained over the winter. Brad was helpful in helping me find a new supplier i can't believe everone is not using this product not having to have 2 diffent gas cans make life much better.
Great Product..
Kevin Byrd Mansfield TX
I can't thank Brad enough for recommending the Opti Mizer MAX fuel stabilizer. I bought a Cub Cadet XT1 and I thought in ran well the first season I had it. When I took it out for the next one it ran so poorly I was ready to take it back. Brad said to try Opti Mizer Max and about half way through the fuel tank I swear it was running with more power and smoother. I could actually throttle back a bit and cut the same at a lower power setting. I can't wait to change the oil next and use the Opti engine oil product next. Thanks for a great product.
Ever since we started using the Opti-2 Injector Lube our engines have never lasted this long before.... We own over 65 snowmobiles... And have owned about 300 over the years running Opti-2 Injector Lube. With little lubrication issues.

I just had the top ends done on 3-2013 Skidoo Summit 800s with 11,000 km.... Which in the snowmobile world is high km for this brand.

To our and the Skidoo dealers amazement in the coloration and lack of wear on the pistons show and prove to me how more superior this oil is over the other brands.

Toby Creek Adventures Ltd.
I use Opti Products in all my cars,motorcycles ,snowblower and garden tractor(and any other gasoline engine product) since 1970 with absolut NO problems.Running-racing my very rare Vintage bikes 100-1 shows my trust in the OPTI products.
This stuff is amazing. I went through a phase of trying to find the best two stroke oil available and have a lot of open but unused bottles of various synthetic/syn blends sitting in the garage now that I have finally settled on opti. I have heard great things about optimol from people in the forestry industry and lcos. And opti 2 is just a newer formulation. I use opti in my many vintage two stroke engines from old 16:1 chainsaws, vintage 16:1/32:1 lawnboys to my new husqvarna 50:1 strimmer. These lawnboys have had a service life before I found them and bring them back to life. I used to use Dino oil at 32:1 only in them but that was so smokey and it was normal to have to clean exhaust ports and still run into low compression issues from wear or rings sticking. Opti at 80:1 (I mix a bit richer) has eliminated carbon issues and I have brought compression back to old engines. I also use vintage mowers commercially and only use opti 2 in my fleet. I own a lot of equipment and some sit for months without use and with the optimizer stabilizer they always start in most. 2 pulls or so.I am a lifer.
I am currently 74 years old and was introduced to the OPTI 2 product over 25 years ago when I purchased a 2 cycle outboard motor. I was skeptical of this one size fits all idea, so I used it in all the older 2 cycle engines I had before I used it in my new outboard. Needless to say, I am still running it in a 28 year old Echo weed whip to this day. The greatest feature is, if you are like me, you have an assortment of 2 cycle engines your use and they pretty much have their own default mixing ratios. With OPTI 2, you make up one batch of 2 cycle fuel and it works well in each engine. For example, my grandson paid us a visit this last summer and helped us with the chores around the yard. My peace of mind was that I knew he would not damage any of our weed whips, chain saws, leaf blowers, or 2 cycle ATV's with the wrong mixture of fuel. It is the greatest way to take proper care of your 2 cycle mixture needs.
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