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I beat the tar out of my KTM 250 E/XC, from brand new using only Opti-2 at 100:1, and Opti 4 10w30 in the transmission and clutch. The top end lasted 12 years! It was also a much faster bike than most, even a lot of bikes that had larger motors. Amazing product.
i have used optimol for 25 years nothing better out there
Just a note to tell you how much I think of your products. Back in 1983 my next door neighbor was a chainsaw dealer for NE Kansas and Missouri. He sold me a Husqvarna chainsaw and told me to only run Optimal in it, which he had just started selling. The saw is still going strong cutting 5 to 10 cords of hardwood a year and the only problem I’ve had is an oil pump and a new spark plug every other year. The engine still starts on 2nd or 3rd pull and still cuts down big oaks with no problem. I use it in all my 2 cycle engines and have never had any engine problems. The only problem is I think the saw is going to out last me. I would stand by this product over all the others.
Praise the Lord! I want to rate it better than excellent. We are a commercial landscape company and run 2 and 4 stroke equipment all day. We would keep regular gas and mixed gas on the truck for the different motors. About twice a year, or more, someone would mess up and put straight gas in the 2 stroke and seize the engine. Now there is one tank of gas with the Opti 2 and it goes in all our equipment, 2 and 4 stroke. No more mistakes and all the engine wear and tear has been enormously reduced! Amen.
I have been running Opti2 in all my 2 smokers now for the last 4 years, weed wackers, chainsaws, and the cheap built 2 smoker engines on my three motorized bicycles, I have not had one single engine failure since switching for the normal dino oil to Opti2, all my engine start easy, run clean, perform very well and have been perfectly reliable on Opti2, thank you interlube for such an excellent product, people that's doubt or have not yet heard of Opti2, have no odea hat a great product they're missing out on, I plan to switch all my 4 smoker lawn and garden equipment over to Opti4 this spring also.... excellent product......! Im a lifer when it comes to Opti2 qnd other Interlube products period.
I have a 30 year old Craftsman chain saw that specifies a very rich gas oil mix - 15:1. It is hard to start and run with that mix. Opti-2 runs great, however. I should be able to run that saw as long as chains are available.
I have used Opti 2 for nearly 10 years in all my 2 stroke engines. The use primarily is with vintage Husqvarna motorcycles and a 1983 Husqvarna chainsaw as well. The bikes are 30 to 40 years old and once rebuilt are only fed this premix. Racing 1 for 10 plus years on the same rebuild with Optimol 2 and the bike preforms great. Excellent product that keeps old things young!!
I had heard great stories of your product at my local Ace. So I decided to give it a try. I use this stuff in a Stihl chain saw, lawn boy lawn mower, poulan chain saw, poulan 31cc weed eater, well everything 2stroke. I'm very impressed at how versatile it is. Having a stabilizer in it, I can mix up a weeks worth of gas and go.
I run a commercial grounds maintenance company (25 years) and I've ran Opti-2 In every piece of equipment we own and never have had an engine failure. You cannot beat the 100:1 mix in one gas can for all your mix ratio equipment. I bought my first T-27 weed eater almost 20 years ago and I still have and run it today, it's only ran on opti 2. If that's not enough proof to make you buy this product then you need therapy. If you are one my competitors disregard all the above, I always see your trucks parked at the mower fix it shop.
I recently purchased a new Stihl string trimmer and was told I should use their HP Ultra oil. The first time I started to fill the trimmer, I noticed a blue mix in the tank. HP Ultra is greenish. I called the dealer to ask the difference in the gas mixes and was given a lame answer of " the oil companies use different dyes and even though it is the same oil, his was blue and mine green."

That answer just sent me on a mission. Long story short, I found Opti-2 and it works great in my 32:1 saw, 40:1 (old) trimmer, and 50:1 (new) trimmer. The reason for the new trimmer, the old one was hard to start and keep running using the oil/gas mix prescribed for it. Funny how it always ran great post/repair shop until I added the prescribed mix.

Do yourself a favor and give Opti-2 a try before you give up on your equipment and purchase a replacement. You might just save a lot of money. BTW, my old trimmer runs great and starts on the first or second pull! Great product!

Thanks guys.
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