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As a manager of a large hardware store rental department, I am so impressed with Opti-2. We use it in everything we have including: weed eaters, demolition saws, chain saws, hedge trimmers, any of our 2 cycle products. We have every brand from Husqvarna, Stihl, Kawasaki and many more. It is always easy to mix the correct mixture for great performance. Mechanically, our profits have increased due to less burnt up pistons because of too weak of a mixture and we have far less fouled spark plugs to deal with from too strong of a mix.


I have been using Opti 2 in Kolb Firestar with a Rotax 503 for about 2 yrs at the recommendation of friend that is an aircraft mechanic for US West airlines, he uses it in all his 2 strokes and swears by it!
I have nothing but great things to say about this oil, "I LOVE IT", and my plane runs great on it!

Mike Alexander
Best Oil I found made for any two stroke engine(s) I've ever seen. Used to race outboards and would turn 8400 rpm every race, ran over 28.5 hours at this RPM, supposed to change rings twice and pistons once with Opti-2 using at 80/1 ratio were only wore down half of factory specs. Amazing Oil. Works in any two stroke engine(s) excellent!
I've Been Using Opti 2 for over 6 Years and my 2Stroke Engine runs like the day I bought It !!! Great Product Great Price I give it a 5* rating. I will recomend it to everyone..
I have been using Opti-2 for over 20 years for commercial use and have never been let down. It will extend the life of your equipment. I only use the best products. Most of my 300+ units make it 20 years.
Just wanted to let you know what I think of your product, nothing better! I have a chainsaw bought in the mid 70's and have run Opti-2 in it from about '77 or '78. I had to put a carb kit in it today and was amazed, there was no carbon on of the piston at all. The piston look as though there had only been one or two tanks burned. The biggest problem is other parts are getting hard to find. All my other 2-cycle engines have performed extremely well with Opti-2. I cut about 20+ cords of wood a year and while this is not my only saw it has been used a lot over the years. Thanks, Barry.
I started using Opti-2 many years ago and I have never been let down. I have used it in my 25 to 1 outboards as well as 60 to 1 chain saws. Around 8 years ago I started using Opti-2 in all my 4 stroke small engines. The stabilizer and small amount of oil seems to agree with all of them. My personal record involves a Wisconsin-Robin powered plate compactor left on a job site, uncovered, for 18 months. It started on the first pull. My John Deere lawn mower always starts on the first or second pull in the spring and runs great all summer. The ease of mixing with your pre-measured packets takes all the guessing out of it. I currently work as a groundsman for a school district in Eastern Washington and have converted all of our grounds equipment to Opti-2. We have around 100 2-stroke units and our carb problems have nearly disappeared. We also use the product as a storage fuel for seasonal equipment. Thank you so much for a wonderful product.
Walker's Saw Shop, Jingle Pot Road, Nanaimo, BC.
Walker's Saw Shop Ltd would like to take this opportunity to recommend the use of Opti products in all your outdoor power equipment. We have recommended the Opti products to our customers for over 10 years and will continue to do so in the future. We sell over 300 chainsaws and over 200 handheld units per year to the professional and the consumer and every one of the units are PDI and are ran in with Opti-2 cycle mix at the recommended ratio.
Thanks, John Walker.
Thanks I have used this oil for about 17 years. I have a few friends that now use it. Best oil for 2 cycle. I had a back pack blower that my son filled with regular gas and ran the blower for about 1/2 tank of gas was gone. I added Opti-2 to the tank it never had a problem. Now that blower is about 18 years old and still running never changed anything but a plug.
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