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Todd with MO Dept of Transportation: I use the 55 gallon drums of Opti-2. Buy a drum each year (past 5 years). I have no plugs fouling or exhaust screens plugging up. My crews like going to work and not having down time. Opti-2 just works. If you could, I am looking for names and numbers of distributors in my area.
At my request not too, while I was gone, my wife mowed part of my pasture. She did not check debris on cooling fan. As near as I can figure the engine was run for at least an hour or more with no cooling at 80 degree day. Engine finally quit on her, I started it after cool down. Found out it got so hot it melted all plastic parts contacting the oil, like dip-stick and bottom of filler tube, but the engine still ran pretty good. Am replacing the engine. I am AMAZED the engine STILL runs. You may be interested in teardown to see type of damage with such high operating temps. I figure maybe in the 400 to 500 degree range. Engine has ran since new with Opti-4 oil for 157 hours.
I would like to thank you for producing the best two-stroke oil I have ever used. I just sold my Titan aircraft that had a 503 52hp Rotax engine with a total of just over 600 hours running time and 10 years of trouble free flying. For the sale condition inspection of the engine it checked with a compression of 120# and 122#, that's like new. I would also get 80 to 100 hours without having to change the spark plugs due to oil fouling.

I just bought a boat with a 130hp Yamaha outboard that has an oil injection system on it, as of this time I am also adding Opti-2 in the fuel as a safety in case the oil system would fail.
Love this product...I just made the switch this winter in my ice auger for ice fishing on the recommendation of a guy doing some carb work for me. Will be using it in my summer yard stuff too. Can you send me a decal for display in my rod building shop? I have a few customers asking what I use in my auger...nothing other than Opti from now on!
Good Day...I'm a long time Opti-2 user in all of my two cycle products...a perfect product. I read somewhere that you can actually use the two cycle mix in a four cycle engine without causing any damage. Is this true? Also, just a note here to praise the stuff. I recently crashed a large model aircraft which completely demolished it including the 3.2 cu in gas motor which literally had 250 hours running at full throttle. When we recovered the pieces and were able to take what was left of the motor apart, we were very pleased to see that Opti-2 has kept the insides sparkling clean for many years! Thanks.
I switched to Opti 2 stroke oil over 20 years ago and have used the same mix ratio, regardless of manufacturer recommendations in lawn mowers, chainsaws, string trimmers and blowers with perfect success. I immediately noticed some additional power and almost no smoke when compared to standard two-stroke oils. I have never experienced any oil related failures and actually wore out non-engine related components before having problems with engine components. I recommend Opti-2 to anyone who runs two-stroke engines and would like to get away form poor idling, smoke and excessive engine wear.
This oil is gr8!!!! I love this oil and I've never heard about it. A small lawn mower shop in Tulsa got me hooked on it. I used it in a 2-cycle ultralight aircraft engine that normally runs about 530 degrees cht at full power and now it runs around 470-490 cht and I have a noticeable power increase at the high RPM end and great low RPM performance as well and no more plug fowling!! My car loves it too! I'd put it on my pancakes if I could! It's just hard to find at the stores. I don't normally write reviews but this oil is something else! Thanks,
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