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I recently bought a used Toro 3650 snowblower as a back up for my other 3650. We had a hell of a winter here in Boston and need to run two machines at the same time..
This used blower had a tune up and spark plug change just before winter. The guy I bought it from was running Echo 2 cycle oil mixed at 50:1. When I changed the plug it was black and fouled. My other 3650 has been running for 3 years on the same plug using Opti-2 at around a 72:1 ratio. One packet per US Gallon. The plug was a very slight brown and had no oil build up whatsoever. It looked like new after 3 years and lots of hours !!!
This is good stuff. Thanks guys for a great product.
I'm not going to bother changing plugs anymore. I will wait until there are hiccups but I don't expect any for a long while.
Best oil for 2 strokes ever!

run my antiques snowmobile 100:1 perfect! no smoke no smell!
chainsaws, edge trimmer, everything

not known enough in Quebec


Have been running Opti-2 in my 4 cycle equipment. I was concerned at first because I use the US Gallon vs Imperial gallon, so my ratio is more like 72:1 instead of 100:1. I thought it would be too rich a mixture to run in my 4 cycle snowblower. So far it is super… really fast starts and no smoke. I can't wait to inspect the plug once the season is over. If it is anything like my 2 cycle blower, the plug will be clean and like new. I'm sure tha the Opti-2 will provide upper cylinder lubrication and hence, longevity, the same way diesel fuel lubricates as it burns. Thanks, Brad for your assistance. One gas can makes life so easy!!
I would like to Thank BRAD for a job well done !!!!. Contacted OPTI about a month ago trying to find it in the Huntsville area finally did. I have a Stihl weed eater that's about 10 yrs old I decided to use the opti 2. At first I admit I was pissed cause it wouldn't start at all tried for over and hour taking spark plug out cleaning checking everything. I sent an email Sunday night and first thing Monday morning received a text asking me to call. ( That's customer service ) I called and come to find out it was my fault I had mixed it with fuel that had stabil in it already about a quarter of a tank. drained it out started fresh, run like a jewel. Brad said to give it a couple of tanks and all would be fine and sure enough it is. THEY HAVE GREAT CUTOMER SERVICE and I'M A LOYAL CUTOMER KNOW.
Thanks from Alabama
Just had my Dad's 40 year old Homelite 240 serviced after sitting for 30 years. Needed carb rebuild. The repair shop said the engine was still in excellent condition for its age. They recommended to start using Opti 2. Before I could use it myself, my cousin asked if he could borrow it for a day. (His Husquvana's chain brake had froze and he needed to finish a cutting job). I Told him it was just serviced, fresh sharpened chain and that I had filled the tank with Opti 2 mix. He had not heard of this oil. When he returned the saw he told me that within ten minuites of cutting the saw seemed to be getting more powerful with no bogg. I told him he was not imagining the increase of power. The crew at the repair shop had told me that once the Opti 2 started coating everything it would start running stronger. All I can say is WOW! What a SUPER Product!!!!!!
Been a small engine mechanic at a dealer for years. We carry the opti line oils. I had taken apart a motor that only had ever run on opti sae 30 since new. The inside of the engine and cylider bore looked brand new. When i use the 2 cycle mix there is no smoke or smell. The customers love the one pouch mix. This stuff is canadian approved!!!!
Last year I purchased a small Smoker craft fishing boat that had a 1968 Evenrude electric start engine. It was in very bad condition and was a mess. I could not keep I running. I dumped the gas ,put in fresh gas & Opti-2 and believe it or not it started right up and after 20 min. of running it was hardly smoking. I then took it fishing & it ran so smooth with no oily water that even the other boaters were impressed. My next crabbing trip I ran out of gas & had to be towed back to the marina to get gas & oil (yes 2 strokes do use more gas). They only had Chevron so that's what I used. It at once started smoking & leaving a oil slick on the water. When I got home I again dumped the gas & put in Optic-2 with no problems since. I now also use Optic-2 in chainsaws & weed eater. WHAT A GREAT PRODUCT !
I used nothing but Opti-2 for years but ran out and trouble finding some more. So I tried to use traditional 2-cyle mix oils and had nothing but trouble. Went online and bought a large carton of Opti-2 squeeze packs and now I'm trouble-free again with my 2-cycle lawn tools.

A heck of a lot less smoke now too!!!
TRUELY I have not the words to describe my satisfaction of your product other than to share my professional experience with you and all who read this testimonial. I am an avid tree feller owning 2 professional high performance chain saws, Husquvarna and Dolmar. Since the addition of ethanol in our fuels my Husky has suffered fuel pump issues causing lean conditions and in return cylinder scuffing with piston burning, which lead to top end rebuilds. MOST ANNOYING. Fortunately I was able to avoid another rebuild in stopping the saw when symptoms expressed themselves. I had to replace the fuel pump again, at the same time, also removed muffler to inspect exhaust port for damage. There was some scuffing and minor piston burn. This is where you came into play OPTI-2. I had found some non ethanol fuel and mixed it with your oil and some quality octane booster. Need I say GADZOOKS! Due to the lower mix ratio and the the engineering of your product my saw has become a real blazer. After running just one tank full of fuel the performance was astonishing. The saw's idle became very stable and throttle response was right on Q. I even noticed the exhaust fumes no longer burned my eyes and gagged me when cutting in confined spaces. One more thing to mention, on next fill up I had forgotten to set the decompression valve when starting the saw, it nearly took my fist apart. You state that it would restore compression and it did just that. The saw now runs as the day it was purchased if not better. Thank you Interlube for a product that does what you claim it will do. You have a lifetime customer with me. Can not wait to use it in my high performance outboard. BIG 2 THUMBS UP.
My father has owned a small engine repair shop for 30 years. Since every 2-cycle engine required a slightly different oil:gas ratio, he sought a product that would work in any 2-cycle engine. After all, it's not practical to have 30 cans of mixture sitting around! That's when he started using the Optimol products (for 4-cycle engines, too). The big companies threatened him and stated they would void his customer's warranties if he didn't use their brand of 2-cycle oil. With the Optimol warranty in hand, he took the risk and hasn't used another product since. Moreover, he's never had a warranty claim against Optimol. I have a 21-year-old Lawn-Boy mower (2-cycle) and a 10-year-old STIHL trimmer. Both purr like kittens. NEVER use anything but Optimol products, maintain your equipment, and you will be very happy!
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