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I recently purchased a new Stihl string trimmer and was told I should use their HP Ultra oil. The first time I started to fill the trimmer, I noticed a blue mix in the tank. HP Ultra is greenish. I called the dealer to ask the difference in the gas mixes and was given a lame answer of " the oil companies use different dyes and even though it is the same oil, his was blue and mine green."

That answer just sent me on a mission. Long story short, I found Opti-2 and it works great in my 32:1 saw, 40:1 (old) trimmer, and 50:1 (new) trimmer. The reason for the new trimmer, the old one was hard to start and keep running using the oil/gas mix prescribed for it. Funny how it always ran great post/repair shop until I added the prescribed mix.

Do yourself a favor and give Opti-2 a try before you give up on your equipment and purchase a replacement. You might just save a lot of money. BTW, my old trimmer runs great and starts on the first or second pull! Great product!

Thanks guys.
I have a 1982 Johnson outboard motor and started a few years ago using your oil having read about it in a magazine. Well up in this part of the country our big fish is the walleye and normally to get these you have to back troll to make a slow presentation. With all other oils that I have used before I had trouble with the engine running rough. When you had to speed it up it would smoke and finally would smooth itself out. With Opti-2 I can go for hours and hours and never have this problem, and when I do decide to have to move faster I have no big cloud of smoke after me. The engine runs like a million bucks with you oil. Best regards, PEP
As a commercial go-kart track operator, I am fortunate that I was introduced to Opti-4 and began using it in my 11 Honda engines. Each engine is put through a vigorous daily cycle, including extensive idling in the pits and hard operation on long, hot summer days. Even after accruing several thousand running hours on each, some in excess of 7,000 hours, these engines have performed virtually flawlessly in the many years that I have been using Opti-4. The 55-gallon drum of Opti-4 that sits in my shop is a sound investment in longevity, quality, and peace of mind.
Bought a Jonsereds chain saw 21 years ago and the logging dealer that sold it to me sold me a 2.5 gallon jug at that time. I faithfully used it and NEVER had a malfunction. That shop went out of business and so did my source for the oil. After 2 seasons of using other brands I had the tank strainer fail, the line collapsed, and the carb needed a kit. Been looking for this product since. So glad to have found the web site and will be purchasing a jug next time I'm out.
What can I say? Opti-2 in all my 2-cycle engines and Opti-4 during winter months on all my 4-cycles. I have been using your product for approx. 15yrs. Worked so well I had to lay to rest a Ryobi weed eater because parts were no longer available!!! NOT related to engine failure.
As a manager of a large hardware store rental department, I am so impressed with Opti-2. We use it in everything we have including: weed eaters, demolition saws, chain saws, hedge trimmers, any of our 2 cycle products. We have every brand from Husqvarna, Stihl, Kawasaki and many more. It is always easy to mix the correct mixture for great performance. Mechanically, our profits have increased due to less burnt up pistons because of too weak of a mixture and we have far less fouled spark plugs to deal with from too strong of a mix.


I have been using Opti 2 in Kolb Firestar with a Rotax 503 for about 2 yrs at the recommendation of friend that is an aircraft mechanic for US West airlines, he uses it in all his 2 strokes and swears by it!
I have nothing but great things to say about this oil, "I LOVE IT", and my plane runs great on it!

Mike Alexander
Best Oil I found made for any two stroke engine(s) I've ever seen. Used to race outboards and would turn 8400 rpm every race, ran over 28.5 hours at this RPM, supposed to change rings twice and pistons once with Opti-2 using at 80/1 ratio were only wore down half of factory specs. Amazing Oil. Works in any two stroke engine(s) excellent!
I've Been Using Opti 2 for over 6 Years and my 2Stroke Engine runs like the day I bought It !!! Great Product Great Price I give it a 5* rating. I will recomend it to everyone..
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