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Interlube who?

While it’s not likely anyone involved in the small engine business has not heard of Interlube, there are still occasions when a retailer or consumer has not seen our ads, not read about our products or has not had the opportunity to be introduced to our company.  So here is a quick rundown . . .

Who?  Interlube is a leading manufacturer of specialty lubricants that are marketed worldwide.  Interlube products are the most widely used independent brand oils in the Lawn & Garden industry.

What?  Our most popular products are Opti-2 two-cycle oils and Opti-4 four-cycle oils, along with Opti-Mizer MAX ethanol fuel treatment & stabilizer.

Where?  Interlube is based in Blaine, Washington and our products are distributed to more than 23,000 retailers through more than 60 factory authorized distributors around the globe.

When?  Founded over 40 years ago, Interlube has become one of the most influential oil companies in the small engine industry.

Why?  Thanks to their exclusive Eutectic additive system, Interlube oils extend component life dramatically and more important, we are the only company in the industry that actually doubles new engine warranties through the exclusive use of  “Double Warranty Opti-4”.

You may not know that . . .

-Opti-2 is one mix for all 2-cycle engines.

-Hundreds of millions of gallons of Opti-2 mixed fuel have already been consumed.

-Opti-2 exceeds the highest world-wide OEM performance standards ISO-E-GD++.

-Opti-2 and Opti-4 are sold only at independent power equipment dealers.

-Literally millions of years of extended warranty coverage have resulted from the use of Opti-4.


Over 40 Years of Proven Performance





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